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Friday 1st – Open Heavens – Deut. 28:12; Matt. 3:16; Isaiah 45:8; Ezekiel 1:1; Malachi 3:10

  • Thank God for opening His good treasure, the Heavens, to give you the rain of abundant blessings.
  • Pray for open Heavens over all KICC Ghana assemblies and families to experience divine visitation.
  • Call upon God to open the Heavens and pour down His righteousness upon you in Jesus’ Name.
  • Ask God to open the Heavens and cause you to see visions and revelations to guide you at all times.
  • Bless the Lord for opening the Heavens over your finances and the work of your hands.


Saturday 2nd – God’s Presence, Power & Glory – Exo. 33; 14; Luke 10:19; 1 Cor. 2: 4, 5; Deut. 5:24

  • Thank God for the manifestation of His presence throughout the remaining days of the Year of Overtaking.
  • Invoke God’s presence to make a way for you as you seek His face throughout the period of fasting & prayer.
  • Pray down God’s power for victorious and fruitful living in your walk with Him.
  • Pray that God’s power will back every word that is declared over your life in the Name of Jesus.
  • Begin to release the glory of God in every battle you are facing right now.